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Parallax Real Estate Website

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Features and Details
Parallax Real Estate Website is a trendy technique used by web designers which creates an effect where the background moves at a slower rate to the foreground. When it comes to real estate agents, branding is ever so important, and by using the parallax effect, you can draw your visitors in by making your website more engaging.
We can help and develop best New Age Website  Parallax Dynamic Real Estate Website in Real state sector. We have created for all types of real estate website design & development.
If you are a Property Broker or a REALTOR, our real estate website design and development service is geared towards helping you to grow your business. Your local competitors are taking steps to improve their online presence in Google. If they are not, you should be taking the opportunity to lead the pack in your Area. 
Table of Contents for Single Page Parallax Real Estate Website Features and Details
1. Home Page    
1.2. Company Profile
1.3. Our Services  
1.6. AGENT       
1.7. Customer Review
1.8. Contact Us      
1.9. Online Inquiry Form
1.10. Website Pages Responsive
1.11. Social Media Link Integration
1.12. Search Engine Friendly Website Design & Development
1.13. Website Admin Panel
1.14. Technology & Database
1. Parallax One Page Real Estate Website Home Page 
1.1. Business Related Banner Slider
1.2. Company Profile Details
1.3. Company Services like Sale, Purchases and Rent
1.4. Features of services
1.5. Property
1.6. Agent Profile
1.7. Customer Reviews
1.8. Contact Details
1.9. Real Estate Website Online Inquiry Form
1.9.1. Inquiry Form integrated on every required page
1.10. Responsive Real Estate Website 
1.10.1. Mobile & Tablet Responsive
1.10.2. Desktop & Laptop Responsive
1.11. Social Media Link Integration 
1.12. Search Engine Friendly Website Design & Development 
1.12.1. Website URL make search engine friendly
1.12.2. Add Meta Tag  like Meta Title, Meta Description and Meta Keywords
1.13. Real Estate Website Admin Panel Features and Details 
The admin panel is where the content is created and the website is managed. 
Admin Login Page use Login id. and password .
1.13.1 Admin Dashboard Page
Online Inquiry  Details with required fields
1.13.2. Mange Contact Us Request Details Page
Show contact details.
1.13.3. Manage Customer Review Page Add, Edit & Delete Customer Review Page Manage Customer Review
1.13.4. Manage Business Banner Add New, Edit & Delete  Home Page Banner Manage Business Banner
1.13.5. Manage Property Add New, Edit & Delete Property Manage Property
1.13.6. Manage Agent or Team Add New, Edit & Delete Agent or Team Manage Agent or Team
1.13.7. My Account Profile Details Change Password
1.14. Technology & Database 
1.14.1. Design using HTML, JQuery and Ajax
1.14.2. Website Development in PHP
1.14.3. Using database MySQL

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