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Features and Details
We are specialized in Packers and Movers company dynamic website Design & development. We provide New Age professional  Packers and Movers website for Packers and Movers business. Nowadays people like to book their moving service online with hassle free service. Hence making your packers and movers business easily accessible through online is the most important for Packers & Movers companies. We can help you reach out to global audience through internet. This website will be purely Admin panel (CMS) based. You will be able to update all website contents, Customer Reviews, Services, Location etc through CMS backend. 
Table of Contents of Packers & Movers Websites
1- Home Page    
2- Company Profile
3- Our Services  
4- Location
5- Blogs                
6- Customer Review
7- Contact Us      
8 - Online Inquiry Form
9- Responsive Packers and Movers Website 
10- Social Media Link Integration
11- Search Engine Friendly Packers and Movers Website Design & Development
12- Website Admin Panel
13- Technology & Database
1- Packers and Movers Website Home Page [or Customer Impressive Page with Light weight Design Concept]
 As per Search Engine and Customer, Home Page Divided into Two Portion
Note: On Screen Page Presentation Important for Every globally recognized company because 55% (Returning & Known Customer want to Fill a Query Form without scrolling Page)
1.1. Banner
1.2. About Company
  1. 1.3. Our Key Services
  2. 1.4. Our Strength
  3. 1.5. Why we are the best from others
  4. 1.6. Testimonials
  5. 1.7. Footer Page Means Other Link & Content Presentation which is not covered in Fold and Unfold Area like All Remain URL, Social Media URL & Key Location Page
  6. Note: Home Page or Landing Page Most Important for Customer as well as All Search Engine, because more than 80% home page URL use or hit by other sources.
2. About Us or Company Profile Page
A company profile is a quick look into a company, allowing different groups of people to get a general idea of what a company does or offers, its target market, its unique strengths, its track record, and whether it is a good entity to do business with.
However, company profiles should go beyond stating facts about a company. Well-written company profiles deftly convey the predominant values and corporate culture that lends the organization its distinct character. Good company profiles should also demonstrate how effective a company is at meeting its customer needs.
To make a great first impression on prospective customers, it is essential to create a company profile design. A company profile is considered as an essential tool for any type of business and can be used as an effective marketing tool to attract new customers as well as investors.
3. Packers and Movers Website Services Page (Services Page That Means Convert Visitors into Leads)
Service Page design like Landing Page, it means using image as well graphics to present content.
 3.1. Service Page Design and Technics
3.1.1. List Services Page Dynamic Content  
3.1.2. Services Details Page
3.1.3. Left or Right Area of Page Using  Blogs and Location
Note: Blogs and News Content provide service pages, increase visibility in search engine, due to frequently changes content on page.
Suggestion for Service Page
We suggest to creating key service pages by location like a Packers and Movers in Delhi and Car Transportation in Delhi
4. Packers and Movers Website Location Pages 
4.1. Increasing number of URL in search engine for visibility and indexing
4.2. Targeting customer as per location
4.3. Converting more inquiry to increasing location pages
4.4. We cover 100 -500 Location Page with Latest Page design as per search engine and new customer.
4.5. Dynamic content from Admin Panel
5. Packers and Movers Blogs
5.1. Blog List Page
5.2. Blog Details
5.3. Show List of Recent Blog on Right side of Details Page
6. Packers and Movers Customer Reviews
 Customer reviews are amazing marketing tools if you know how to utilize them. Here are some ways you can make that happen.
6.1. Customer Review List Page
6.2. Customer Review Details Page
6.3. Recent Review List on Right side of details page
Why customers review matter?
Today consumers are savvy and resourceful. When going through the buying process, they reference all of the information they have at their disposal. But there one thing they reference more than the rest: customer reviews. 
88 percent of consumers trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations
Customers reportedly spend 31 % more with a brand that has a excellent online reviews.
Buyers reference reviews early and often in the search process, with 68 % using them to develop a shortlist.
Four out of ten buyers form an opinion about a business after seeing just one to three reviews.
72 % of buyers will make a purchase decision only after reading a positive review.
7. Contact Us
7.1. Branch wise pages with map direction integration
7.2. List of Successfully shifting  history on the right side of Contact Page
8. Online Inquiry Form
8.1. Inquiry Form integrated on every required page
9. Website Pages Responsive
9.1. Mobile & Tablet Responsive
9.2. Desktop & Laptop Responsive
10. Social Media Link Integration 
11. Search Engine Friendly Website Design & Development 
11.1. Website URL make search engine friendly
11.2. Add Meta Tag like Meta Title, Meta Description and Keywords
12. Packers and Movers Website Admin Panel 
The admin panel is where the content is created and the website is managed. 
Admin Login Page use Login id. and password .
12.1 Admin Dashboard Page
Online Inquiry  Details with required fields
12.2. Mange Contact Us Request Details Page
Show contact details.
12.3. Manage Customer Review Page
12.3.1. Add, Edit & Delete Customer Review Page
 12.3.2. Manage Customer Review
12.4. Manage Blogs Page
12.4.1. Add New, Edit & Delete  Blog Page
12.4.2. Manage Blogs
12.5. Manage Services 
12.5.1. Add Services Pages like Packers and Movers, 
12.5.2. Manage Services
12.6. Manage Location
12.6.1. Add Network Pages like State, City
12.6.2. Manage Location
12.7. My Account
12.7.1. Profile Details
12.7.2. Change Password
13. Technology & Database 
13.1. Design using HTML, JQuery and Ajax
13.2. Website Development in PHP
13.3. Using database MySQL

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