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Features and Details
Real Estate Website Design & Development, the distinction turns into much more obvious. These times real estate website is definitely one of the simplest medium, where people can easily find properties. We are the best provider of real estate website design, IDX solutions, SEO and real estate marketing. we make sure our Real Estate web design reflects your properties, service. Are you looking for a world-class real estate web Designing and Development Company in India. Personalized Real Estate Website & Complete Online Real Estate Marketing System.
Table of Contents for Best Real Estate Websites for Agents and Brokers
1.Home Page [Best Real Estate Websites for Agents and Brokers
1.1. Business Banner
1.2. Enquiry Form (Find Your Dream Home)
1.3. About Company
1.4. Our Key Services
1.5. Most Visible Property (Price Drop Property)
1.6. Features
1.7. Featured Property
1.8. Meet Our Agent
1.9. Happy Clients
1.10.News & Blogs
1.11.Why we are the best from others
1.12.Footer Page Means Other Link & Content Presentation which is not covered in Fold and Unfold Area like All Remain URL, Social Media URL & Key Location Page.
2. About Us or Company Profile Page
3. Our Services
4. Features
5. Property Page (Property Page That Means Convert Visitors into Leads)
Property Page design like Landing Page, it means using image as well graphics to present content.
5.1. Property Page Design and Technics
5.2. Property Page Dynamic Content
5.3. Property Details Page
5.4. Option Send Inquiry 
5.5. Left or Right Area of Page Using Blogs and Customer Review
Note: Blogs and News Content provide property pages, increase visibility in search engine, due to frequently changes content on page.
6. Agent 
7. Post or List Property
8. News & Blogs
8.1. Blog List Page
8.2. Blog Details
8.3. Show List of Recent Blog on Right side of Details Page
9. Customer Reviews
Customer reviews are amazing marketing tools if you know how to utilize them. Here are some ways you can make that happen.
9.1. Customer Review List Page
9.2. Customer Review Details Page
9.3. Recent Review List on Right side of details page
10. Contact Us
10.1. Branch wise pages with map direction integration
11. Online Buy & Sell Inquiry Form
11.1. Inquiry Form integrated on every required page
12. Website Pages Responsive
12.1. Mobile & Tablet Responsive
12.2. Desktop & Laptop Responsive
13. Social Media Link Integration 
14. Search Engine Friendly Website Design & Development 
14.1. Website URL make search engine friendly
14.2. Add Meta Tag like Meta Title, Meta Description and Meta Keywords
15. Website Back-end & Admin Panel Features and Details
The admin panel is where the content is created and the website is managed. 
Admin Login Page use Login id and password.
15.1. Admin Dashboard Page
15.1.1. Buy Online Inquiry Details with required fields
15.1.2. Sell Online Inquiry Details with required fields
15.1.3. Inquiry
15.1.4. Property
15.2. Mange Contact Us Request Details Page Show from all location contact details.
15.3. Manage Customer Review Page
15.3.1. Add, Edit & Delete Customer Review Page
15.3.2. Manage Customer Review
15.4. Manage Business Banner
15.4.1. Add New, Edit & Delete Home Page Banner
15.4.2. Business Banner
15.5. Manage Property  
15.5.1. Add New, Edit & Delete Property
15.5.2. Manage Property (Under Review, Active and Inactive Property) 
15.6. Manage Seller
15.6.1. Add, Edit and Delete Seller
15.6.2. Manage History(Under Review, Active and Inactive Seller)
15.6.3. Calling & Follow-up History
15.6.4. Filter Option with Next Follow-up Date and Status 
 15.7. Manage Buyer (Customer History)
15.7.1. Edit and Delete Buyer
15.7.2. Buyer History  
15.7.3. Calling & Follow-up History
15.7.4. Filter Option with Next Follow-up date and Status
15.8. Manage Agent or Team
15.8.1. Add New, Edit & Delete Agent or Team
15.8.2. Manage Agent or Team
15.9. Manage Blog & News Add, Edit and Delete News & Blog News &  Blog
15.10. My Account
15.10.1. Profile Details
15.10.2. Change Password
16. Seller Panel Features and Details
16.1. Login and Signup 
16.2. Seller Dashboard
16.3. My Property
16.3.1. Add new & Edit and Delete Property
16.3.2. Analytics of Property 
16.4. My Account 
16.4.1. Profile Details
16.4.2. Changes Password
17. Customer Panel Features and Details
17.1. Customer Login and Signup
17.2. Customer Dashboard
17.3. My Deal
17.4. My Account
17.4.1. Profile Details
17.4.2. Changes Password
18. Technology & Database
18.1. Design using HTML, JQuery and Ajax
18.2. Website Development in PHP
18.3. Using database MySQL

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